Launched in 2019, ILHA is a Philippine bag design and creation studio.

Our team produces artisanal pouches and bags using age-old techniques and locally sourced materials from various provinces of the country.


Paula Figueras

Our founder, Paula Figueras, is a former fashion model who started her career in bag design when she moved to Portugal, launching the international brand GUSTOKO in 2014, and ILHA five years later. As the adventurous younger sister of GUSTOKO, ILHA seamlessly combines the traditional art of bag-making with contemporary designs to create bold, amusing, and exciting pieces for a young and vibrant clientele.


Marikina City

ILHA bags are handmade in Marikina City, which is renowned for having the best shoe, bag and leather artisans in the Philippines. Replacing leather with natural fibers such as raffia and t’nalak, and changing threads for straw and beads, ILHA bags feature intricate designs hand-embroidered by a wonderful team of housewives working from the comfort of their own homes.

Dedicated to excellent craftsmanship, ILHA is able to empower local artisans of the Philippines. 

Apart from creating beautiful bags, ILHA’s commitment to continuously support its team and the community by providing work opportunities and a venue for creativity and expression is rooted in its deep love for craft, culture, and country.

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